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Zum Tode von Dr. Michael Newton

A spiritual hero has been called home…
In memory of Dr. Michael Newton (1931-2016) 

by Peter Smith, President of The Newton Institute


Every generation has a handful of thought leaders who fundamentally change the way we see the world and our place in it. Dr. Michael Newton was one of these people.
Over a period of 35 years, Dr Newton collected around 7000 mind blowing cases of people moving via deep hypnosis, into the superconscious state to explore the spiritual realm. He left the growing interest in Past Life Regression behind, to create a methodology that allowed a deep and detailed exploration of the inter-life, a place he called Life Between Lives® (LBL).  In short, he interviewed people in their soul state about what they encountered there. The result was the unfolding of incredible cases of meetings with spiritual guides, with the Councils of Elders to plan the purpose for the current incarnation and reunions with Soul Groups members, with whom we incarnate regularly. 
He worked by himself for decades, as a way to ensure he wasn’t influenced by others, so he had a robust and pure body of research on which to draw his findings. Of deep interest to Michael, was that regardless of the Client’s cultural heritage and beliefs, their age, their profession or educational background, they all reported incredibly similar experiences.
Michael’s first book “Journey of Souls” was published by Llewellyn in 1994, and Michael presented his work to the public for the first time at the Book Exposition of America held in Los Angeles later that month. From there, book signings were organised firstly in California, then over the next 8 years Michael travelled around the USA, Canada, the UK and South Africa with book signings and presentations at New Age conferences.
At one lecture Michael gave, a member of the audience rose to his feet and demanded “This simply can’t be true! How many cases have you done?”. Michael replied simply and truthfully: “Oh, around 7000”. The fellow sat back down without further comment.
In 1995, Michael featured in a Television show from Paramount studios called “Sightings”. This show featured Michael’s work, involved two of his clients and was filmed at his home. It is estimated that some 9 million people saw the initial show and the number more than doubled with subsequent reruns.  
A series of requested lectures to Hypnotherapists and Hypnosis enthusiasts, took Michael around the world to organisations such as The College of Psychic Studies in London in the UK, the International Institute of Integral Human Sciences in Montreal in Canada, and Aquarius Rising Communications in Johannesburg, South Africa. The audiences numbered around two thousand at these last two events, as Michael continued to stun the assembled groups with the breadth, depth and robustness of his work. 
In 2001 Michael started to teach his work to others, so that the work could expand and he ran early trainings under the sponsorship of the National Association of Transpersonal Hypnotherapists in the USA.
By 2002, Michael had come to realise that an organisation was needed to support his work and on June 19th of that year, Michael and a few colleagues founded the Society for Spiritual Regression (SSR) and he became the first President. Under this new organisation dedicated to the art and science of his creation, Michael continued to teach.
The Society for Spiritual Regression evolved into The Michael Newton Institute for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy (TNI) in 2005. Michael refounded his organisation with the help of an Advisory Group of dedicated Life Between Lives Therapists. This Advisory Group insisted the new organisation be named after the Founder, and Michael finally and reluctantly agreed. Such was the humility of the man that we had come to know. Even though he had opened the door to the afterlife for so many people, he always remained a reflective and private person, more comfortable on his mountain hikes than in the limelight of the emerging spiritual movement.
Since those early days, TNI has prospered and grown. There are now over 200 LBL Therapists offering these deep and powerful sessions in around 40 countries. New avenues of research are being explored by our Research team and our Education team continue to run international trainings around the world every year. The life purpose of one man has now become the collective purpose of many. This transition was most evident back in 2009 with the publishing of “Memories of the Afterlife”, the fourth book in the LBL quadrilogy,  this time bringing forward cases from the TNI LBL Therapist network, though still lovingly edited and orchestrated by Michael. 
In 2015, it was taken one step further with the publishing of “Stories of the Afterlife”, the TNI quarterly on-line journal which shares the latest findings in this incredible field of work and offers inspiring LBL client stories from around the world. More recent issues even include old case studies of Michael’s, never before published, that he found in a dusty drawer earlier this year. Typical of that characteristic humility, he offered them to our Research Team wondering if anyone would be interested. 
Michael Newton’s best-selling books have now been translated into over 40 languages. Every day we receive correspondence from around the world, saying how he has touched the lives of people whom he has never met. Michael has brought hope and inspiration to millions of people who have either been reassured in times of grief when losing a loved one, discovered their deep and profound purpose for this lifetime, or simply released the uncertainty of death for themselves.  
But what of the man who brought this work to the world? I’m often asked what he was like and what was important to him.  
I can tell you he was much like the rest of us, which shows that the world of spirit is within reach of all of us. He was a man of great wisdom, good humour and deep humility. When he taught, he would tell stories about clients that would have you moved to tears in one moment and rolling on the floor laughing the next. He was a man who could hold the attention of a group and time would simply disappear. Even late in his career, he would spend days preparing his lectures looking for a new angle or spin on an old case that supported more recent trends emerging. His intellect was one of the most powerful I have ever seen, so broad in its reach and so deep in its reflection. His recall too was amazing and I can remember him saying things like; “You know I had a case like that about 25 years ago, I remember the client, she was in her 40s and her name was Ruth.” 
Those of us in the LBL Therapist collective, would often ask a question on our on-line forum to receive a simple answer from Michael, referencing a case and a page number in one of his earlier books, all recalled from memory.   
One of the things I most learned from Michael, was his strong stand on the integrity of being an LBL Therapist. He always encouraged us to keep the ego in check and that our facilitation of LBL sessions for clients carried a sacred trust. Many have now replicated his work or claimed association with him, though he remained firm. He only supported those trained by his own organisation who operate under a strong spiritual code of ethics. Our people of The Newton Institute are now the custodians of Michael’s legacy for humanity and his contribution to the evolution of human consciousness lives on in us. 
In all the wisdom I’ve heard from Michael over the years I remember two statements well. The first came in a conversation about a year back when he said to me: “People need to understand that the spiritual realm is their true home that they will return to, not a place that has to be earned.” Whilst Michael had studied the history of all the better known religions, he had no appetite for any aspects of religious doctrine that robbed us of our magnificence.    
In my last conversation with him, he stated simply a summary of his life’s work; “We have something to offer people in terms of personal meaning, they can’t get elsewhere.”
Our Founder of Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy has now returned to the Spiritual Realm. His role as a sacred ambassador for spirit is complete for now though we feel him with us, lovingly guiding and supporting us still.   
About the Author: Peter Smith has been President of The Newton Institute since 2009. More about The Newton Institute, our research journal “Stories of the Afterlife” and a listing of our Certified LBL Therapists, can be found at www.newtoninstitute.org

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